18 Wheeler Accidents

Crashing vehicles from car accident attorney's case in Dallas, TX

Dallas 18 Wheeler Accidents

18 wheeler accidents can have devastating consequences. The size of an 18 wheeler truck in comparison to that of a passenger vehicle increases the risks of those in a passenger vehicle becoming seriously injured in the event of a collision.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to an 18 wheeler wreck, with many unfortunately being caused by negligence on the part of drivers and trucking companies. Federal regulations have been put into place to ensure that drivers are not on the road for excessive amounts of time, or driving under hazardous conditions; however some companies fail to follow outlined rules. This leads to some drivers feeling forced to abide by tight deadlines, while feeling ill, fatigued, or sleep deprived. Attempting to perform their driving duties under these circumstances can lead to a lack of focus while on the road and sadly, accidents. These types of accidents are also sometimes caused by a company’s failure to maintain vehicles in proper working order, and not scheduling routine maintenance and servicing of trucks before allowing them out on the road.

In the event that one becomes involved in an 18 wheeler crash seeking out the services of an accident attorney or 18 wheeler accident lawyer who specializes in these types of cases may be important for receiving fair compensation for what one has endured. Qualified 18 wheeler accident lawyers will seek justice for those with injuries or damages resulting from trucking accidents, which may range from mild car whiplash to those that are more severe.

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