ABA Conference’s Opening Plenary by The Almasri Marzwanian & Sepulveda Law Group’s Creative Director!

It’s a four hour flight from Dallas to Portland International Airport. 1630 miles away from home and family. Speaking to a crowd of seventy people is nerve wracking, let alone to the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee. Add the fact that the speech tackles the awful reputation of lawyers head on with unorthodox methods, & you get one daunting presentation. Thankfully, at The Almasri Marzwanian & Sepulveda Law Group, our team is made up of the very best people, so David Eaton, our Creative Director, was well prepared.

“Social Media & Community Connection: Projecting Your LRIS as a Conscious Business” was the title of the plenary, 45 concept-packed minutes that somehow became 53, and could have easily lasted for another hour. It opened with this video on Conscious Business:

Operating a Personal Injury Law Firm as a conscious business is time consuming and demanding... but it's also absolutely worth it.

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A personal injury law firm like Almasri Marzwanian & Sepulveda does not face the same problems as a Lawyer Referral System, but there are many similarities & it’s our sincere hope that the audience found David’s presentation to have some useful tools & thought provoking ideas for their organizations. One thing is for sure- Almasri Marzwanian & Sepulveda Law Group made an impression.

Enjoy this highlight from the presentation, as the audience opens their handouts, each stamped “Secret Formula: no peeking”. All in attendance got the recipe for a successful social media presence, and one got an unexpected surprise…!

Our law firm specializes in personal injury claims, & is not a LRS, however the two have to face many of the same problems.

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