Why do families need law?

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Families need law and it requires patience, compassion, and understanding. Occasionally, they also require the legal system. In the state of Texas, adopting a child requires the aid of an attorney. So do prenuptual agreements, which are contracts that determine in advance how financial assets shall be split in the event of a divorce. A young couple may find the idea distasteful, but when there are vast assets at stake a prenup may be a sound investment, no matter how passionate they may be prior to the marriage.

Outside of those circumstances, the legal system typically becomes involved in family life when one or more family members feel that their daily situation is intolerable. This can be due to emotional distance, domestic violence, duplicity, or other irreconcilable differences between parties. When children are in the care of parents who are undergoing or have undergone divorce, matters can become especially complicated, both legally and emotionally. That’s why attorneys are employed to speak objectively on behalf of the parents in court or in legal documents, so that children can be in the best possible situation in the aftermath of a divorce & so that those circumstances are enforced by our laws. Because each family’s situation is unique, they are handled on a case-by-case basis and can have ramifications that last for decades. So before you say or do something rash, you should probably consult with a lawyer.

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